Nissan LEAF has a hold on our Lithia Nissan of Medford team members, and with good reason. This popular EV runs entirely on electricity, flying directly in the face of chronic gas dependency. Beyond it's incredible power, deft handling and sporty look, Nissan LEAF is the car of the future.

Bobs & Weaves Like a Champ

Nissan LEAF's floor-mounted battery pack gives it a low center of gravity and impressive stability. The result is a smooth ride experience and confident, graceful handling. The battery pack's position grounds the Nissan LEAF's overall body, letting the EV zip around corners and switch angles with little to no roll.

Oil Changes? A Thing of the Past

?Who needs an oil change when there's no oil to change? Nissan LEAF's best-selling point is that it's 100-percent driven by electricity. Since there's no engine and internal combustion, there's no need for lubrication or brand new oil every so often. Talk about saving time and money.


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