Do things seem amiss as you try to stop your vehicle? If you suspect that your vehicle is in need of a brake repair, don't delay. Check out the following common signs that you need to get in to see a mechanic, as soon as possible.

First off, does your brake pedal feel soft, or even squishy, as you try to brake? If so, it's a major sign that something with your braking system has gone awry. In general, your brake pedal should feel firm, not soft, so schedule an appointment today if something doesn't feel right.

Another big indicator that you need to have your brakes repaired are brakes that are noisy. Any screeching or grinding noises should be noted and addressed, immediately. Failure to address malfunctioning brakes can lead to injury or even death.

Lastly, pay close attention if you feel your vehicle pulling to the right or left. This is yet another indicator that you need to get your vehicle checked out.

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