The Nissan Titan is a truck that can multitask. It can haul the things that you need, tow and it can double as a remote office. Lithia Nissan of Medford has Nissan Titans that can do all of this and also have a few extra interior amenities too. It is the perfect truck for life.

The Titan has plenty of storage space under the seat. It has a versatile space that can be configured to haul cargo, or you can flip down the back seat and have a desk. It has a 7" display that has 13 full-color screens. You can navigate between them from the steering wheel controls.

The Titan is comfortable, roomy, and you have choices in how you use the space. Another popular feature is the remote start that allows you to tell your vehicle to warm up or cool down the interior space. You can slide into an interior that is the perfect temperature.



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