Many modern drivers seek vehicles that are low on emissions and long on safety features. The Nissan LEAF is just such a vehicle, and this popular, stylish and emission free electronic vehicle scores high marks in all the above areas. For example, the Nissan LEAF works hard to help vehicle operators to avoid potential impacts. It employs several technologies in order to accomplish this goal, and these include the Rear Cross Traffic Alert system, the Intelligent Around View Monitor, and the Blind Spot Warning system.

It can be nerve-racking for drivers to try to back out of parking spaces onto busy roads. The Nissan LEAF Rear Cross Traffic Alert system assists drivers when they are seeking to make such maneuvers. This system can use special cameras and other sensors to identify any oncoming vehicles or pedestrians. It can then give drivers the all-clear when it is safe to make their moves.

Another driver awareness boosting technology is the Nissan LEAF Intelligent Around View Monitor system. This specialized technology constructs virtual 360° views of the vehicle. This gives drivers the ability to see all around their vehicles and thus promotes safety and security.

Capably backing up the around view camera is the Blind Spot Warning system. Even modern cars have certain spots in the rear of these vehicles that are invisible to drivers. The Blind Spot Warning system uses special cameras and sensors to keep close tabs on driver blind spot areas and warn drivers if any dangers appear.



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