Backup Cameras: New & Aftermarket

A backup camera is your new favorite safety feature waiting to be discovered. Your current car may not have one, but your future care definitely will. It's federal law for vehicles weighing under 10,000 pounds to have a backup camera. If you don't currently have a backup camera, we here at Lithia Nissan of Medford have a solution: wireless aftermarket backup cameras. Yes, that's right.

Basics of Backup Cameras

Backup cameras essentially help you safely back up and depart any given parking space. The camera captures a live feed of the area behind your vehicle, above and/or below your rear window.

The camera's live feed goes to a monitor that often has on-screen guides. Color-changing displays and warning tones prevent you from collisions or running something over as you back up.

New Backup Cameras for Used Cars

Aftermarket backup cameras are typically wireless, so they don't require wires or drilling for installation. Some kits include a camera and monitor, whereas others entail a camera engineered to "pair" with a compatible aftermarket monitor. Backup cameras are best seen and experienced. Swing by Lithia Nissan of Medford today to see for yourself just how a backup camera works and what one can do for you.



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