Nissan Kicks Delivers Comfortable Acceleration In An SUV

The Nissan Kicks might not have a large amount of power behind it, but it still delivers the speed that you desire in a vehicle under certain situations. The SUV has a fuel efficiency comparable to a sedan instead of a larger vehicle. While at a complete stop, you'll notice that there is adequate acceleration.

Because of the CVT transmission and the four-cylinder engine, there's almost no noise heard while driving in Medford. Once you give the SUV a little push, it's an admirable vehicle that has plenty of space for your family.

The front-wheel-drive SUV allows you to easily maneuver around curves. Precise steering is convenient if you're in tight situations where you need to focus on making sure the vehicle gets into a certain position. The 122-horsepower vehicle is one that is fun to drive without a lot of added power to make it one that can get away from you on the road. Visiting Lithia Nissan of Medford can sometimes result in a change of tires that can improve the handling as well.



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