Let a Car Cover Protect Your Vehicle

Preserving your car requires taking a number of extra steps. Investing in a car cover positively could cut down on damage to both the interior and exterior. For a relatively low investment, your car can be protected against the elements and other woes.

In cold weather states, snow presents some troubles. Imagine if snow filled with ice rested on the paint. The ice could ruin the paint. With a car cover in place, the ice won't touch the paint.

Don't assume cold weather and snow present the worst risks to a car. The sun alone could fade paint horribly. Interior may suffer as well. And then there are all the other things that can ruin paint. Dripping tree sap would be a common brutal culprit.

If your car suffers from fading or other troubles, bring it down to our service center at Lithia Nissan of Medford in Medford, OR. We may be able to restore the look back to its original state.

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