Transmission Service Gives You Confidence

The purpose of transmission fluid is to clean, cool, and lubricate internal transmission components of your vehicle. Gradually, the additives found in the fluid deplete, which is why manufacturers recommend periodic replacement. Manufacturers base the service intervals either on the number of years with the vehicle or according to how many miles you have driven it. Signs you may need to have your transmission fluid changed could be any of the experiences listed below:

  • The vehicle does not move right away or it is slow to gain speed when attempting to accelerate
  • Shaking or grinding with gear shifts
  • Leaking fluid
  • A burning smell is outside or inside the automobile.
  • "Check Engine" light appears on the dashboard.

Not only does it maintain the vehicle's warranty, but replacing the transmission fluid aides in preserving your automobile's life. If you need a transmission flush or fluid change in Medford, Oregon, stop by Lithia Nissan of Medford for service.

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