Are You Going on a Road Trip? You Might Be Able to Wait for the Oil Change

You try to learn all that you can about your vehicle and how to maintain it properly, but unfortunately there are a lot of myths surrounding the maintenance of your oil. It's not even necessarily your fault because sometimes the myths even come from people who should know better. To help you figure out the fact from the fiction, here is one myth that we can debunk for you right now.

Some people believe that a long road trip always means that you should change your oil before you leave. This is only half true. If you will be due to get an oil change before your trip is finished, then you should get the oil change before you leave. But if you will not be due before the end of the trip, feel free to wait until you come back.

If you'd like a few more myths to be debunked for you, come to Lithia Nissan of Medford in Medford, OR. One of our service technicians will be happy to clear up a few more of your questions.

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