Why Leasing a New Nissan Model is Another Option to Consider

The prospect of buying a new car can be intimidating for many drivers, especially with regard to the cost of ownership. Fortunately, there is another option—leasing. By opting for a new car lease, you can drive the model you desire for a more affordable price.


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How Does Leasing a New Car Save You Money?

Unlike a purchase, when you decide to lease a new car, you are basically signing up to borrow a model from a dealership. In other words, the vehicle technically still belongs to the dealer. However, you are expected to pay a lower fee every month as a trade-off. Sometimes, down payments are even exempt so the savings accrue right off the bat! Combined with factory-backed incentives, you will also benefit from reduced annual percentage rates and can lock into a competitive price-point for a set time period.

Is Leasing a New Car Right for You?

If you can maintain your mileage and upkeep a vehicle regularly, then you are an excellent candidate for a new car lease. You will appreciate leasing if you are having difficulty committing to one model because you can always trade it for another, newer model once the contract is up as well. That means this is your trial period whereby you can learn more about different cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Learn More by Visiting Lithia Nissan of Medford

Want to know what other advantages come with a new car lease? Then consult with our financial experts at Lithia Nissan of Medford today. They will teach you all that you need to know so you can be confident with whatever decision you make. Rest assured, the goal of our dealership is to make sure drivers like you in Medford, Oregon, get a great deal!

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