Dashboard Warning Lights Are There For Reason!

It may seem obvious, but there's a solid reason the car manufacturer put the dashboard warning lights directly in your view. They wanted you to be aware of any potential issues with your vehicle as quickly as it happens.

You have several different warning lights located above your steering wheel. It's in plain sight on the dashboard, because the manufacturer wanted to make sure you noticed right when it went on. It truly is simply that important.

Not meant to be a distraction to your driving, but these warning lights are intended to give you a heads up. It's important you understand the meaning of these lights, and know that your owner's manual will give you plenty of specific details about these warning lights.

If you happen to see a light on your dashboard and you are unaware of what it means, you can count on Lithia Nissan of Medford to give you answers! Our technicians here in Medford can elaborate on what each and every one of these lights mean, and then whip your beloved vehicle back into pristine shape.

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